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Texture analysis of magnesium potassium phosphate ceramics


Mg-K phosphate ceramics are chemically-bonded ceramics for applications. They harden at room temperature through an acid-base aqueous reaction between magnesium oxide and a potassium phosphate. The elongated crystal habit of the reaction product exerts a strong control on the mechanical properties. Small angle neutron scattering indicated that less reactive MgO (obtained by calcination of magnesium carbonate) yields coarser microstructure. Evolution of texture in function of the MgO employed and the link with the anisotropy of the mechanical properties and the fraction of crystalline product over amorphous fraction in Mg-K phosphate ceramics, is the aim of this experiment. Although X-rays diffraction and electron backscattering diffraction can be used to retrieve the textural information, neutron diffraction is the only one able to allow for the investigation of a representative volume of sample in a non-destructive fashion.

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    • MgKH2PO4(D2O)6