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How independent is water dynamics in liquid glycerol-water mixtures?


This proposal focuses on the dynamics in glycerol-rich glycerol water mixtures. In this region of the phase diagram there is no structural or thermodynamic signs of phase separation. However, based on the slow dynamics studied with dielectric and mechanical spectroscopy, we have seen indications that the dynamics of water becomes independent of the glycerol dynamics [PCCP., 20, 1716 (2018)]. In the proposed experiment we will study the pressure and temperature dependence of glycerol and water dynamics independent of each other by studying the mixtures in two version where one of the components is deuterated, i.e. one sample with deuterated glycerol and one with heavy water. In these samples the incoherent scattering of the protonated component will dominate and the dynamics of this component will be visible in the data. By this approach we will be able to evaluate whether the water and glycerol dynamics are linked or independent. We will perform simultaneous dielectric spectroscopy in order to see to which extend the dynamics of the individual components mimic that of the global alpha relaxation.

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Kristine Niss; ALBA SIMIONESCO Christiane; APPEL Markus; Bernhard Frick; HANSEN Henriette Wase; HECKSHER Tina; JAKOBSEN Bo and NOIRAT David. (2020). How independent is water dynamics in liquid glycerol-water mixtures?. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.6-05-1008

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