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Low temperature proton dynamics of Phosphoric Acid (PA) and PA-water mixtures


Phosphoric acid (H3PO4 or PA) and (P2O5R H2O; R mol-% water) and related phosphates play an important role in biological systems, as proton conductor in PA fuel cells and PA-doped high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells. A good understanding of the dynamics of phosphoric acids is of great scientific as well as of practical importance. Surprisingly, details of basic properties, as the proton transport mechanism or vitrification have only recently gained high scientific interest and are related to the unique properties of PA's hydrogen bond network. Frustration of the network and fast reorientations of the bonds are related to the imbalance in proton donor and acceptor numbers, which is affected strongly by the addition of water. We propose to exploit fully IN16B in order to understand the ns-ps dynamics of phosphoric acid and PA/water with focus on the local motions between Tg and Tm. Si111 scans, simultaneous with dielectric scans, will provide an overview over the dynamics in a wide frequency range for three different water concentrations. BATS experiments will provide the detailed spectral shape, Si311 spectra the access to high Q with eV energy resolution.

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Bernhard Frick; APPEL Markus; HANSEN Henriette Wase; KREUER Klaus Dieter; MELCHIOR Jan Patrick and VILCIAUSKAS Linas. (2020). Low temperature proton dynamics of Phosphoric Acid (PA) and PA-water mixtures. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.6-05-1010

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