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Dynamics of water under hydrophobic ultra-confinement


Known structural and dynamic peculiarities of bulk water get even enhanced when this substance is confined within geometries that make the H-bond network undergo severe distortion with respect to the more common tetrahedral arrangement. For example, hydrophobic confinement at the nanoscale allows for appreciating very low-T molecular motions flagged by a significant amount of quantum behavior. After having experimentally assessed by QENS the formation of a shell+chain structure for water entrapped in small-size CNTs (d around 1.4 nm), and witnessed the persistence of a rotational dynamics even at temperatures as low as 1.5 K, a new batch of measurements designed to extend the lower range of both tube diameter and operational temperature at longer diffusional timescales would be desirable in order to more exhaustively characterize the influence of strict axial confinement on dynamic properties of the scatterers, also probing D2O to get a taste of quantum isotope effects under the same conditions.

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MACCARINI Marco; CZAKKEL Orsolya; DE FRANCESCO Alessio; DE LUCA Francesco; FOUQUET Peter; PARMENTIER Alexandra and ROGATI Giovanna Maria Adelmina. (2017). Dynamics of water under hydrophobic ultra-confinement. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.6-07-17

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