DOI > 10.5291/ILL-DATA.7-05-438

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Hydrogen Diffusion in Carbon Aerogels


We propose a neutron spin-echo study of the diffusion of molecular hydrogen adsorbed in carbon aerogel, which has been produced by the group of the Hungarian co-proposer. Carbon aerogels exhibit a well-developed, hierarchal pore structure. Their specific surface area, as well as the pore size distribution (the ratio between micro-, meso- and macropores) can be finely tuned during the preparation process. Further treatments, such as activation, oxidation, etc. open the possibility to change the surface chemistry of these carbons. Addition of melamine, urea, etc. to the precursor synthesis mixture leads to N-containing carbon aerogels, which are particularly advantageous as PEMFC cathodes. We propose to compare the hydrogen dynamics on 3 aerogel samples with different pore size and similar surface properties. We will also compare these data with our recently obtained data from exfoliated graphite and standard XC72 carbon blacks. In the revised form of the proposal we cite more of our previous work that contains the characterization of the sample. Moreover, we give more precise details (highlighted in bold) about the experimental details, as was requested during the previous review.

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Experiment Parameters

  • Environment temperature

    2 K - 200 K
  • Experiment energy

  • Experiment moment

    0.1-0.7 1/

Sample Parameters

  • Formula

    • H2/Carbon Aerogel