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Mixed H/F-Carbon surfactant monolayers for fire-fighting applications


The aim is to use Neutron Reflectivity (NR) to gain essential information on the adsorption properties of fluorocarbon/ hydrocarbon mixtures in commercial fire-fighting foam formulations. These practical surfactants (Figure 1) have already been studied individually by NR (at the ISIS facility), and a good understanding of their interfacial properties has been gained. Therefore, these results will be able to provide essential information on which surfactants are dominating the interfacial properties of the fire-fighting foam formulation. This is the second stage in a 3-year program, including NR, so that F-carbon surfactants can be replaced by more environmentally-responsive low-F or hydrocarbon analogues. Chris Hill is a 3rd year PhD student fully funded by fire-fighting technology company Angus Fire (French subsidiary company, Eau et Feu).

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