DOI > 10.5291/ILL-DATA.9-10-1555

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Action of demulsifiers used in water-in-crude oil emulsions


The project is to understand fundamental structure-performance relationships of chemical demulsifiers in water-in-crude oil (w/o) systems. In particular, to understand how different polymers (demulsifiers) affect structural behaviour and stability of model well-characterised w/o microemulsions. Studies of crude oil demulsifier performance in the literature are limited, and there are no examples of SANS being used for this purpose. SANS is the ideal technique, especially when employing contrast matching to highlight different domains, components and layers. This SANS proposal forms an important part of a PhD project which is fully-funded by Croda Europe Ltd.

Experimental Report

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EASTOE Julian; CZAJKA Adam; DAVIES Craig; GRILLO Isabelle; Christopher Hill and MOODY Georgina. (2019). Action of demulsifiers used in water-in-crude oil emulsions. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.9-10-1555

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Experiment Parameters

  • Environment temperature

    10-60 C expts at 25 and 50 C
  • Experiment energy

    as on D33
  • Experiment moment

    0.003-0.4 -1
  • Experiment res energy

    as on D33
  • Experiment res moment

    as on D33

Sample Parameters

  • Formula

    • water-surfactants-oil-polymer