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SANS study of anisotropic hollow microgels in crowded environments


We are able to synthesize elliptically shaped hollow microgels of 540 nm x 270 nm (obtained with TEM) with a feed and seed precipitation polymerization. To study their shape and size, scattering experiments are needed. As microgels are interesting candidates for medical applications (e.g. tissue engineering, drug delivery), their behavior in crowded environment has to be studied. Small angle neutron scattering and the possibility to perform contrast variation experiments, allows to directly study the shape and size of ellipsoidal hollow microgels when the surrounding is matched with the solvent. Hence, we would like to study elliptically shaped microgels in two different environments consisting of a matrix of (i) spherical deuterated microgels and (ii) elliptically hollow deuterated microgels. This will give insides about the deformation, deswelling or interpenetration of elliptically shaped microgels in these two matrixes.

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