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Kinetic pathways in light responsive dye-polyelectrolyte complexes


Light responsive materials have gained significant attention in the last years due to their application in photothermal therapy, sensing or as molecular motors. Supramolecular particles of ionic dye molecules and oppositely charged macromolecules have recently been used to create a wide variety of different particle shapes. These assemblies can be controlled by the dye structure, pH, ionic strength but most interestingly by light. For this the trans->cis isomerization of an ionic azobenzene dye has been used. This approach is highly interesting since it can be reversibly switched with light without damaging the dye by photobleaching. Based on these findings we used a cationic azo dye and an anionic polyelectrolyte to create well-defined supramolecular structures. These structures can be disassembled by light and consequently reassembled again by two different pathways. These two processes result in two different final structures. This proposal aims to shed light on this process.

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