DOI > 10.5291/ILL-DATA.9-12-455

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One-step formation of polymer-surfactant multilayers studied by neutron reflectometry


In this proposal, we plan a comprehensive structural investigation of well-ordered polyelectrolyte - surfactant multilayers formed upon adsorption of multilamellar vesicles on silicon wafers. The vesicles are spontaneously formed in bulk solution when dodecyl oligoethyleneoxide carboxylic acid C12E4.5CH2COOH is admixed to the biopolycation chitosan in acidic conditions (pH = 4). The number of layers of the multilamellaer vesicles directly depends the mixing ratio of the components, and affects the thickness and composition of the formed film. With respect to conventional polymer-based coatings, this novel functionalization route stands out for its simplicity, whereby the film thickness and composition can be determined by the mixing ratio of the components in the bulk solution.

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Leonardo Chiappisi; GERELLI YURI; GRADZIELSKI Michael; MICCIULLA Samantha and VON KLITZING Regine. (2016). One-step formation of polymer-surfactant multilayers studied by neutron reflectometry. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.9-12-455

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Experiment Parameters

  • Experiment energy

    2 to 20
  • Experiment moment

    0.01 - 0.35 -1
  • Experiment res energy

    3 %
  • Experiment res moment

    3 %

Sample Parameters

  • Formula

    • C11H23COO(CH2CH2O)4.5CH2COOH
    • Chitosan (C6H11NO4)n