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Lipid Bilayers at Soft Liquid/Liquid interfaces


In the last two decades reflectometry techniques have allowed the study of model biological membranes at sub-nanometer resolution. Studies on model systems have proliferated with the final aim to structurally characterize interactions of model membranes with a variety of biomolecules. When this interaction is limited to the headgroup region of the lipid bilayer present in the membrane, both studies of monolayers in water or studies of bilayers adsorbed on solid substrates are useful. A great deal of work in the last 15 years has thus concentrated on the development of soft cushions on the solid substrate supporting floating bilayer systems. This has turned out to be challenging and often the mobility of the bilayer suffered either from the presence of tethered cushions or pinning of the bilayer on the underlying layer, or other factors. Exploiting the Liquid/liquid cell developed at ILL and FIGARO's features (top-down geometry, high flux) we propose to study the functionalization of soft interfaces (perfluorocarbon/water, alkane/water interfaces) with charged lipids and a deposition of a second layer on top of it by vesicle fusion.

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FRAGNETO Giovanna; FAERBER Nicolas; HALBERT Candice; Armando Maestro; MURPHY Leah; RODRIGUEZ LOUREIRO Ignacio; SCHNECK Emanuel and Ernesto Scoppola. (2018). Lipid Bilayers at Soft Liquid/Liquid interfaces. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.9-13-727

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    • D2O
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