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New approximations for the dynamic structure factor of vesicles: finite size and membrane viscosity effects


The use of NSE to study membrane dynamics has expanded rapidly in the past twenty years, and more than 15% of papers published in 2020 that mentioned NSE were on membrane dynamics. While interest in these studies continues to grow, there are still major challenges in interpreting NSE data and relating the measured dynamic structure factor (DSF) to fundamental membrane properties of interest. It is currently almost impossible to compare published values of the membrane bending modulus from different NSE studies, and the membrane rigidity values from NSE can be orders of magnitude different from those measured with other common biophysical techniques. Here we propose to test the applicability of newly developed expressions for the DSF that account for the effects of the finite vesicle size and membrane viscosity on NSE data using well-established model systems. These new expressions eliminate the need for exhaustive numerical integrations while still accurately accounting for the finite size effects in NSE data analysis and will enable more robust determination of the membrane rigidity and viscosity.

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Elizabeth G Kelley; Rony Granek; HOFFMANN Ingo; MURPHY Ryan and NAGAO Michihiro. (2023). New approximations for the dynamic structure factor of vesicles: finite size and membrane viscosity effects. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.DIR-277

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