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Combined X-ray- and neutron-tomography imaging of capillary collapse in unsaturated granular soils


Our proposal focuses on the investigation of microscopic deformations of the grain structure caused by irrigation and imbibition as well as the associated dissolution of the capillary bridges in unsaturated granular soils, known as the capillary collapse phenomenon. In order to investigate the involved microscopic processes, an opencast mine dump soil and, for comparison purposes, glass spheres with a similar grain size distribution are examined using combined X-ray- and neutron-tomography. Of particular interest is the investigation of the role of various influencing factors such as the direction of irrigation or the contained organic matter in the form of lignite. The combination of X-ray- and neutron-tomography techniques will provide experimental data with a high temporal and spatial resolution during an incremental irrigation experiment. We expect to obtain high-quality 4D-images of changes in the appearance of the water phase and the coupled particle movements as a result of the individual irrigation steps. Further image analysis is supposed to provide insights into the hydro-mechanical processes during wetting and the collapse of the grain skeleton.

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Nicole Hüsener; HELFEN Lukas; MILATZ Marius and TENGATTINI Alessandro. (2021). Combined X-ray- and neutron-tomography imaging of capillary collapse in unsaturated granular soils. Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) doi:10.5291/ILL-DATA.1-05-53

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